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X-Men Arcade

With the days of teenager filled arcades in your local mall long behind us, the trend to sell us our nostalgic moments from those days is a common one with the growth of the digital marketplace. However, if you didnít grow up with these arcade classics, you may find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about, especially compared to nearly any game released in the last 5 years. X-Men Arcade fits into this mold, a classic arcade title thatís made its way onto the Xbox 360 with the publishing help of Konami. Konami choose to update very little about the presentation or the core gameplay, only adding online co-op functionality to allow players to feel the entertainment value of playing with 5 other people in a single match. Thereís very little story behind the game beyond the X-Men taking on Magneto and some nasty sentinels.

xmen arcade magneto go

The design of the gameplay couldnít be simpler. You have the ability to move the character, jump, throw punches and let loose with your special mutant power. The game has a punishing difficulty level and sends legions of enemies your way. Itís often difficult to even catch a moment of solitude and you will likely be overwhelmed immediately. There are, however, plenty of continues to take advantage of during the game, something completely necessary to get to the final level. This cheapens the game somewhat and removes the challenge from completing the game. You can try out the Japanese version of the game (included with the NA release) and face tougher challenges. Rather than spamming mutant powers, you have a limited amount of energy and have to pick up booster packs during the levels.

The only extra included in this versions release of X-Men Arcade is a 6 player co-op mode that can be played locally or online over Xbox Live. Frankly, itís the best way to play through the game and where you will have the most fun teaming up with all the X-Men. The game is fairly efficient with 6 players, but you will run into the occasional laggy portions of the game. There are a decent amount of players already out there and finding a match of 4 to 6 players is pretty simple. This does slice the already short game down though and you can complete it in about 50 to 60 percent of the time. There are also 12 achievements in the game and the game stresses repetition to get all the gamerscore points. There are plenty of easy tasks to knock out like taking an energy pill or playing in a 6 player match, but finishing the game on expert difficulty or defeating Magneto with all 6 characters is going to eat up a chunk of your time. Beyond achievements, Konami has leaderboards for those anxious to one-up their friends.

xmen arcade sentinel fight


The game doesnít look good at all in high definition. In fact, it doesnít appear that there was any substantial attempt to create a better looking version of X-Men Arcade. But the game is extremely colorful and captures the look of the X-Men from the 80s. The game also runs smoothly with the occasional hiccup due to lag during online play.


The voiceovers are terribly laughable and definitely fodder for satire. This is mostly due to the poor English translations of the original game, none of which were corrected. However, Iím sure Konami would have heard uproar from the gaming purists if that did happen. The music and sound effects are endlessly annoying, completely reminiscent of loud abrasive noise that was supposed to draw kids into the arcade.


X-Men Arcade is a game most enjoyed by people that remember wasting endless amounts of quarters on the arcade classic. Kids that only grew up with the HD consoles are going to be vastly underwhelmed and disappointed with the short game length. Playing through the game alone is also boring and you really have to play with co-op partners to get the most out of the title. I can only recommend X-Men Arcade to those that have played it before, not those that have never touched it as itís vastly overpriced at $10, both for the length of the game and the quality.

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